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I am a Landscape, Nature and Travel Photographer. I picked up my first DSLR camera about 15 years ago and what started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and now a full-time profession. During my time in the US, I travelled extensively photographing some of the most pristine, awe inspiring and jaw dropping scenery on this planet. My travels took me all over the US including Hawaii and Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile, Peru and Mexico.

I recently relocated to India, a move which has given me an opportunity to explore the ancient, culturally diverse and historically rich South East Asia. With their ancient civilization, the extensive archeological and historical sites and varied ethnic minority tribes, the countries in the South Asian region provide a plethora of opportunities for all genres of photography. In the past few months, I travelled to Ladakh (India), Northern Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. I not only met some of the most friendly, soft spoken and welcoming people anywhere on this planet but also learnt a lot about their culture and way of life.

Photography offers me a therapeutic release from the stressful world that we live in. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to follow my dreams and showcase the extraordinary beauty and diversity that exists in our natural world.

Nothing will bring me greater joy than being able to share my knowledge of photography with you all. I plan to lead photography tours and workshops to some of the outstanding locations that I have been to and take you on a journey that you will remember for a lifetime. 

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Thank you once again and hope to meet you all outdoor photography and nature lovers !!!

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